Landsberg Bennett Team Anthony C. Dubbaneh

Anthony Dubbaneh



B.S., University of Florida
J.D., Georgetown University

I was exposed to business from an early age, sitting in my father’s and grandfather’s commercial real estate meetings. At the University of Florida I majored in finance, then went on to Georgetown Law. But I had no interest in working at a large law firm and wanted to return to my hometown of Punta Gorda.

Working at the Farr Law Firm was great but practicing law wasn’t enjoyable. Telling an associate at an office party how much I loved stocks, she said, “why aren’t you doing it?”

One month later I was interviewing with Michael Landsberg, who I’d met with Lew outside of work. Their approach was attractive. The practice wanted to provide better service to a smaller number of high-net-worth clients. That’s what I wanted—to be a relationship manager working with fewer clients, forging deeper professional and personal relationships as their primary advisor.

I keep my law license current, but I am not a practicing attorney. My legal background helps me see things from a different angle.

We each have our focus at Landsberg Bennett—Lew’s is planning, and Michael’s is investments, and mine is a combination of investments and asset protection.

There’s always more to learn in our field. We never want to miss something, so we continually learn and expand on our knowledge base, by sharing best practices with other advisors, attending industry conferences, and taking great ideas and implementing them. Using a multi-disciplinary approach really helps us help our clients with not just their investments, but all aspects of their financial well being.

My family is the most important thing in my life. There’s no time for golf or tennis. I have two young children; we go to parks, museums—things they enjoy. Before kids, my evenings were spent reading. Someday I’ll get back to that.

The most enjoyable part of my work? The relationships. My clients are my friends—people I enjoy talking to, being around, helping. Making an instant impact on their lives, whether through an investment plan, savings, or retirement. We really try to help people, and we strive to see the results right away.