How Much Do I Owe in Taxes?

Getting an unexpected tax bill can create forced selling and be a drag on your portfolio return. Is your advisor creating unnecessary tax issues?

Our investment management team works to help minimize your investment tax burden, and keep you invested.

Life expectancy risk, one's ability to outlive one's financial resources, is a major concern for retirees. Surprisingly, this is an aspect that is often underestimated by advisors and investors, even though it has a profound impact on the sustainability of a comfortable retirement.

At Landsberg Bennett Private Wealth Management, we specialize in addressing this concern. We leverage a comprehensive understanding of the financial landscape, coupled with an in-depth assessment of client needs, to create sound financial strategies.

These strategies are designed to help ensure that your savings continue to serve you throughout your retirement, not vice versa.

We don't just aim to maintain your current life according to your regimen. It's helping to secure your financial future, so you can focus on your retirement years without constantly worrying about running out of savings. If you're retired, our goal is to make sure you stay that way without financial stress.

How Can We Address This Concern?

Financial Status Audit

The first step involves a deep dive into your financial world. We examine your income streams, investment portfolio, and existing tax obligations. This comprehensive analysis allows us to estimate your potential tax liabilities accurately and forms the foundation of our tax planning strategy.

Strategizing for Tax Efficiency

With a clear understanding of your financial status, we partner with you to craft a tax strategy. This plan aims to reduce your tax load while complying with legal mandates.

It incorporates tactics such as tax-efficient investing, which emphasizes investments with lower tax consequences, and strategic asset placement, which involves positioning investments in the most tax-beneficial accounts.

Examining Your Investment Portfolio

A crucial part of our methodology is a detailed review of your investment portfolio. We pinpoint any potential tax implications and strive towards managing your investments in a way that maximizes returns and minimizes tax liabilities. This could involve modifying your portfolio to include more tax-efficient investments or implementing strategies like tax-loss harvesting.

Implementing Tax Strategies

Once we've devised a robust tax strategy, the subsequent step is to implement it. This could involve making modifications to your investment portfolio, establishing tax-efficient accounts, or executing tax-loss harvesting tactics.

Each action is undertaken with the highest level of caution to help ensure it aligns with your comprehensive financial strategy and tax plan.

Regular Review and Adjustment

The financial landscape, including tax laws and market conditions, is dynamic and perpetually evolving. As such, your tax strategy needs to be flexible and adaptable. We conduct regular reviews of your tax situation and make necessary modifications to help ensure your plan remains effective and responsive to the changing environment.

Our Wealth Management Services Tailored to Your Situation

Tax Planning

We help to ensure that providing for your parents' care doesn't compromise your own retirement savings. We adjust your retirement plan as needed to accommodate the additional expenses.

Risk Management

Our risk management service evaluates the potential financial risks associated with your tax situation. We devise strategies to mitigate these risks, helping to ensure that your financial plan remains robust and resilient in the face of changing tax laws and market conditions.

Estate Planning

Our estate planning service aids you in understanding the tax implications of your estate. We partner with you to formulate strategies to minimize estate taxes and help ensure that your wealth transitions to your heirs in the most tax-efficient manner conceivable.

Investment Management

Our investment management service incorporates a meticulous assessment of your investment collection to identify any possible tax implications. Our objective is to steer your investments in a way that amplifies returns and diminishes tax obligations. This might necessitate reshaping your collection to encompass more tax-friendly investments or adopting methods such as tax-loss harvesting.

Retirement Planning

Our service for retirement planning makes sure your retirement strategy is tax-compliant. This includes strategies for tax-friendly withdrawal from your retirement accounts to lessen tax costs during your retirement years. We also think about the tax effects of various retirement income sources and we create strategies to continually improve them.

Financial Planning

We will work with you to formulate a strategy that takes into account potential tax liabilities while helping you safeguard your financial stability. This strategy is tailored to sync with your financial objectives and takes a holistic view of your financial landscape, factoring in income, expenses, savings, investments, and tax commitments..

Let Us Help Minimize Your Investment Tax Burden, and Keep You Invested.