Financial and Retirement Planning to Help You Build a Secure Future

At Landsberg Bennett Private Wealth Management, we see financial stability as a key component of a rewarding life, offering Financial and Retirement Planning services to help enhance your financial journey. Our Fiduciary advisors adopt a comprehensive approach, engaging with you to grasp your individual aspirations, risk profile, and economic situation. Together, we craft a tailored strategy to help you realize a secure and prosperous future.

What is Financial and Retirement Planning?

Financial and Retirement Planning is the process of creating a roadmap for your financial future. It involves:

  • Goal Setting: We aid in establishing SMART financial objectives for different life phases, including saving for home purchases, education funds, or vacation planning, with a pivotal focus on setting realistic retirement targets.

  • Cash Flow Management: We help you map out your income and expenditures, aiding in informed fiscal decision-making. Our guidance in budgeting aims to fine-tune your financial flow, spotlighting opportunities for saving enhancement and debt minimization.

  • Wealth Accumulation Strategies: We prioritize the growth of your retirement savings, delving into avenues like maximizing 401(k)s or IRAs contributions and pinpointing investments that resonate with your risk appetite and temporal framework.

  • Risk Management and Insurance Planning: Addressing life's unpredictabilities, we outline potential financial risks and strategize their mitigation. This may include examining various insurance types such as life, disability, and long-term care insurance, to fortify your financial standing and familial protection.

  • Estate Planning Considerations: We simplify the estate planning intricacies, helping with wills, trust formations, and beneficiary designations to ensure your assets are allocated as per your directives posthumously.

Potential Benefits of Financial and Retirement Planning with a Fiduciary Advisor

Partnering with Landsberg Bennett for your Financial and Retirement Planning offers several key advantages:

  • Financial Clarity and Control: Gaining a comprehensive understanding of your financial situation and having a personalized plan in place fosters a sense of control and reduces financial stress.

  • Fiduciary Advantage: Our advisors are legally bound to act in your best interests, putting your financial well-being first. This ensures fair and ethical guidance throughout the planning process.

  • Holistic Approach: We go beyond just retirement planning. We consider your entire financial picture, ensuring all aspects, from budgeting and debt management to estate planning, are addressed in a thorough manner.

  • Experienced Guidance: Our team of qualified professionals has a broad background in assisting individuals and families from diverse backgrounds to achieve their financial goals. We use this background to provide tailored advice and strategies.

  • Ongoing Support: Financial planning is an ongoing process. We offer continuous guidance and support, adjusting your plan as your life changes and your goals shift.

Why Choose Landsberg Bennett for Your Financial and Retirement Planning?

At Landsberg Bennett, we believe we differentiate ourselves through our unwavering commitment to your financial success:

Fiduciary Commitment

Understanding your finances thoroughly and having a bespoke plan enhances your sense of empowerment and alleviates financial anxiety.

Collaborative Process

Our advisors, obligated to prioritize your interests, provide guidance that's both ethical and beneficial, ensuring you receive trustworthy advice at every step.

Comprehensive Strategies

Our services extend beyond retirement advice. We examine your complete financial scenario, covering budgeting, debt management, and estate planning, to offer a well-rounded strategy.

Fee-Only Structure

Recognizing that financial planning is a continual journey, we deliver steady support and adapt your strategy to align with life’s changes and evolving objectives.


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*Barron’s annual rankings are based on assets under management, revenue generated by advisors for their firms, and the quality of their practices. Investment performance isn’t an explicit criterion, because it is often a function of each client’s appetite for risk. In our evaluations, we examine regulatory records, internal company documents, and 100-plus data points provided by the advisors themselves.

The Forbes ranking of Best-In-State Wealth Advisors, developed by SHOOK Research, is based on an algorithm of qualitative criteria, mostly gained through telephone and in-person due diligence interviews, and quantitative data. Those advisors that are considered have a minimum of seven years’ experience, and the algorithm weights factors like revenue trends, assets under management, compliance records, industry experience and those that encompass best practices in their practices and approach to working with clients. Portfolio performance is not a criteria due to varying client objectives and lack of audited data. Neither Forbes or SHOOK receive a fee in exchange for rankings.

Our Tailored Financial and Retirement Planning Process

Our Financial and Retirement Planning process is informative, collaborative, and customized to your specific needs. Here's what you can expect:

  1. Initial Consultation:
    We initiate with a discussion, offered without charge, focusing on your financial aspirations, comfort with risk levels, and existing economic situation. This conversation is essential for gauging your financial interests and understanding your background.

  2. Data Gathering & Analysis:
    We proceed to collect detailed financial data, including earnings, expenditures, assets, and debts, along with your retirement savings details. Our team delves into this data to fully understand your fiscal health.

  3. Goal Setting & Prioritization:
    Working together, we define your financial milestones, both immediate and distant. These might include securing financial freedom at a specific age, ensuring a robust retirement fund, or establishing a legacy. We assist in arranging these targets to reflect your personal priorities and timelines.

  4. Personalized Financial Plan Development:
    Utilizing our knowledge and your fiscal information, our advisors develop a comprehensive strategy that’s tailored to your objectives and situation. This strategy includes actionable steps to help achieve your financial goals, optimize your financial flow, and help ensure retirement security.

  5. Investment Strategy & Portfolio Construction:
    Tailoring an investment strategy that aligns with your risk profile and timeline, we create a diverse portfolio aimed at balancing potential growth with risk considerations.

  6. Retirement Savings Optimization:
    We explore different strategies to augment your retirement reserves, including advice on maximizing contributions to retirement plans and assessing additional contributions for those nearing retirement.

  7. Ongoing Monitoring & Communication:
    Acknowledging the dynamic nature of financial planning, we commit to regularly tracking your progress towards your financial goals, periodically revising your strategy based on market trends or personal circumstances, and maintaining open communication to keep you informed and engaged throughout your financial planning journey.

Taking Control of Your Financial Future

Ready to embark on your journey towards financial security and a fulfilling retirement? Contact Landsberg Bennett today to schedule a free consultation and discuss how our personalized Financial and Retirement Planning services can empower you to achieve your goals.