Are My Kids Taken Care Of?

From diapers to diplomas, our children provide some of our greatest memories. They shouldn’t be a source financial stress.

Part of our full-service financial planning includes creating steps to help ensure that you will be able to provide for the ones you love.

Children, from their earliest days to their steps into adulthood, bring immense joy and create cherished memories. However, they should not become a source of financial strain.

At Landsberg Bennett Private Wealth Management, we understand the financial implications of raising children and planning for their future. Our detailed financial support service is built with strategies to help you take care of your family without unsettling your money matters.

We start by getting to know your financial situations, your goals for your children's future, and any costs that might come with those goals. This could mean everyday spending, school costs, or even making plans for their financial wellbeing if you're no longer around.

We then work with you to create a financial plan that accommodates these costs. This could involve setting up education savings accounts, such as 529 plans, creating trusts for your children, or adjusting your investment strategy to increase your financial resources.

How Can We Address This Concern?

Financial Assessment

We initiate by gaining a clear picture of your current financial position. We examine your income sources, expenditures, savings, and your investments. This process provides us with an understanding of the resources you possess for your children's needs.

Goal Setting

Next, we help you decide and put numbers on what you hope to financially provide for your kids. This could be for many different things - school and medical needs, life experiences, and plans for what you'll leave behind.

Budget Planning

Once we know your goals, we help you make a spending plan. This plan sets aside money for what your kids need now and will need in the future, so you're ready for costs coming up.

Investment Strategy

We construct a strategy tailored to your aspirations for your children, using your investments. The purpose of this strategy is to gradually build up your funds over time, thus giving you more to meet your children's needs.

Insurance Review

We take a close look at the insurance plans you currently have to make sure they offer enough support for your family. This might involve your life cover, health cover, and disability cover.

Estate Planning

We help you make plans for making sure your kids are provided for if you're not around. This could mean setting up trusts, deciding who would care for your kids, and making plans for any taxes on what you leave behind.

Regular Review and Adjustment

As your children grow and what they need changes, your money plan will need to change too. We check in regularly and make any needed changes to make sure your plan keeps working for your family.

Our Wealth Management Services Tailored to Your Situation

Education Planning

We help you plan for your children's education expenses. This includes setting up education savings accounts, such as 529 plans, and exploring other funding options.

Financial Planning

We collaborate with you to understand your financial situation and devise a plan that covers the costs of raising children and preparing for their future. This takes into account everyday spending, education expenses, and future financial necessities.

Investment Management

We examine and oversee your investment collection to enhance its growth capacity. This can contribute to an increase in the financial means available for your children's requirements.

Insurance Review

We scrutinize your current insurance schemes to confirm they offer suitable coverage for your family. This takes into account life cover, health cover, and disability cover.

Estate Planning

We aid in formulating a plan for your assets to help your children when you're not around. This takes into account setting up financial trusts, nominating caretakers, and planning for any taxes on inherited assets.

Let’s Take Care of Your Children’s Future