Landsberg Bennett Team Faiza Kedir

Faiza Kedir, CFP®

Director, Business Development
Financial Advisor

B.S., Addis Ababa University
Edison College

Growing up in Ethiopia, my mother told me that if you love people with no reservations and show them you are genuine they will love you back. She was the biggest influence in my life. And ever since I can remember I have always enjoyed meeting new people and really getting to know them.

I’ve always been good with numbers. I started working for my parents when I was 15, helping them with the accounting for their large grocery store. In 1988, three months after graduating from the University of Addis Ababa with a degree in accounting, I moved to Punta Gorda to join my husband.

Before joining Landsberg Bennett in June of 2012, I spent 22 years with Bank of America. During my banking career I managed a retail banking branch, trained managers, and assisted clients with their financial needs and goals.

I love what I do at Landsberg Bennett. Utilizing my years of experience in banking, I can help our clients with their personal balance sheets. By looking at cash flows, mortgages and other loans, I can help them focus on their liquidity needs.

But I love the interaction the most. Engaging with people, identifying where they could be in 20 years, helping them realize there’s a brighter life ahead and that they can achieve their goals, being part of their financial life and success—it’s exciting to help people discover and define their goals. And I really enjoy introducing new people to the firm and showing them how different we are from other wealth managers.

Even better is working with my colleagues at Landsberg Bennett—their knowledge, their loyalty, their trustworthiness. There’s a perception that financial advisors are all the same. It’s a challenge to show that we’re very different from the rest, and it’s very gratifying to see it “click” when people realize everything we may be able to do for them.

I’m a working mom raising three daughters, one of whom is now in medical school, and a son with Aspergers. It has been a lot of hard work balancing my career with raising these four wonderful children, and I count that as one of my biggest accomplishments.

No question about it, I love a challenge. When I first came to the United States 27 years ago, I barely spoke English. I have always aimed higher—when I reach one goal, I look to the next. I am also active in the community, having served on the United Way Board of Directors and now as a member of Leadership Charlotte Class of 2014. I think I bring this sense of always trying to do better to my work with clients at Landsberg Bennett. I try to make a difference in our clients’ lives by always striving to help them reach their next goals.